DVD to beat Toshiba 210E???

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    Please help me to spend some money!
    I have a multi region Toshiba SD210E that's a few years old now and is by far the cheapest part of my system. I have KEF Q Series speakers all round, a REL sub, Panasonic Plasma, Onkyo AV receiver and Arcam CD82 CD player so I currently see my next upgrade as the DVD player (with a component output).
    However, so far I haven't found anything that beats the Tosh on picture and/or sound. I tried a Pioneer a couple of years back (not sure which but guess a 565?) and thought the picture slightly worse and the sound quality way worse (I'm talking for movies only, not CD replay by the way). It cost something like £250 at the time.
    A few months back I had another go and tried a Denon 2910. I had both this and the Tosh plugged in and could flick from one to the other on the same movie clip (borrowed an identical film from a friend). Although the picture was slightly better (and I'm talking marginal in a back to back test), again the sound was only really just a match for the Tosh in impact or detail. Certainly it wasn't worth forking out £600 for. Both myself and my wife came to the same conclusions by the way (and I didn't tell her which one she was watching or listening to).
    So - does anyone else have any recommendations? The Pioneer 575 or 585 seems to get good reviews and the SACD feature would certainly be a bonus (I have War of the Worlds which I'd love to hear on SACD).
    Would this beat the Tosh or would I just get SACD and similar performance?
    How about another,newer Tosh?

    Please, please help as although not unhappy with my current DVD player I can't help but think this is a weak link in the system and is nagging away at me!


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