DVD stuck in DVD recorder



When I press 'open' to eject a DVD, the DVD wont eject, and the display changes to 'close'.

Repeat. same again

powerr off/on. Repeat. Same again

DVD is stuck.

Anything I can do, short of sending machine back, which is only 6 weeks old?

Thanks in advance.


Does the draw move at all? You could maybe try to prise it open when it tries to eject, bit risky though. Prob best to take it back tot the shop and see what they say.


Thx for reply. As I bought it onlne, I will email the vendor tomorrow, and see where we go from there!!


On a HS2 pulling the plug then putting it back in solves this problem.


thx for reply. Unfortunately, that does not work for me. after pulling plug, then putting back in, when I do 'eject', I get 'open' then 'close' as before - at that point I cant use remote or press off switch on left of E50 - I have to power off at mains.


I encountered this problem on my HS2 couple of weeks ago. I did a little googling (sorry - can't remember the site , probably thewholewideweb.com where there is an HS2 forum) which instructed me on how to open the case and press a manual release button inside the unit. Not for the electronically inexperienced and you run a real risk of electrocution if you don't know what you're doing.
Problem was caused by putting in a DVD+R (didn't realise that's what it was)


I've got an E50 and had this once. If you hold in the power/standby button on the front left for about 10 secs it resets the machine.

I did that and it worked....hopefully it will for you too.


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my e 50 did this last week (see lower down thread e50 buzzing)
and i have tried everthing to get it out

i also bought on line at empire direct, they gave me the option of returning it to themselves but i would have to pay the carriage or i could ring panasonic and they would give me the number of the nearest panasonic dealer to me, and as long as i had proof of purchase they would repair or replace

the dealer is only about a mile from me so i took it down,they frowned a little when they saw i had bought it from an online store but told me it would be 7 to 10 days

i will wait and see

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