DVD Soon & the dreaded French covers


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I'm thinking about ordering the Platinum Series of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but a tiny bit worried about French language appearing on the cover. The DVD package looks excellent, so I'd hate it to have French plastered all over it.

Does anyone know if this will be the case?


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I think French cover titles are usually marked with (v.f.) next to the title on dvdsoons site.


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v.f. is only listed if there are seperate editions for USA and canada. If htere is only one edition (which may have french covers) then it wont be listed.

give veronique an email in customer services she's usually quick to repsond, or post a quesion in the dvd soon q&a on dvdswaps where they have a good presence


I would say YES to the cover having french on it :(

But hey for the price i'm paying for the 2 disc edition :smashin: , I
can live with that . Under £13.00 is a fine price

Have to say the covers look better without the french writing , But hey Sow Me The Money :)



Where else would it be

:rotfl: :rotfl:

As stated above usually there is v.f next to the french cover version, but as Bionic man has said for the price who cares, i mean how many times do you watch a cover :p

Dave H

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yes I can confirm veronique is very helpfull if you e-mail her and she reply's quite quick.


That's correct :smashin:
All the other release's from Universal / Alliance have had the duel
covers . So this will also have :(
Oh well , The price makes me smile ;)


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