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I've just noticed that the pre-order prices for a couple of items has dropped at DVD Soon; for example the 9th season of The X-Files dropped from C$90.98 to C$82.98, and the 3rd season of Frasier dropped from C$43.98 to C$40.98.

Since one pays in advance it's worth cancelling and re-ordering - in my case creating C$11 of store credit.


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I don't think you can cancel as they take your money at the time you place the order don't they?

I'm a bit annoyed that LOTR - Return of the King dropped in price after I had ordered it a month ago. If I could I would cancel the order and place it again to get the cheaper price but I just don't think it's possible. That's one of the drawbacks of using their site.:(


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yes you can cancel,and then you use your credit to buy the same item at the cheaper price!they do not refund any money though.


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you can cancel you then get store credit, you then use the credit to buy the disc and then you can use what credit you have left to order something else with only paying a little extra


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They have also dropped the pre-order price of the Walt Disney Treasures tins - there is a thread about it in the DVD Bargains forum...


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we should get somebody to write a java script that checks a list of stock numbers and lets us know if the prices changes - cant be that difficult

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