Dvd-soon & lost Dvds

john R1

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Sent dvd-soon an e-mail on the 2/02/04, regarding tomb raider2 which they despatched on the 27th nov and i had not received. had to wait 45 days before getting in touch with them. received a reply yesterday asking me to open an attachment and fill it in and send it back, outlook express decided attachment was unsafe so unable to open it, repllied to dvd-soon who said they could do nothing about lost dvd unless form was filled in and sent back to them, this is just to warn people of there great customer services
they offer,


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can't you change settings in outlook express,thus enabling you to open the attachment?that way you can fill the form in,send it back and hopefully get the replacement dvd.

Dave H

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I think you have to wait 45 days before it is officially lost, I had two dvds lost before christmas ( Lion king gift set and Finding Nemo) and had too wait 45 days.
they then gave me a e-voucher that I could spend on there site, but the prices had gone up so it cost me more.
It doesn't help when they keep putting the name of the dvd on the back , so the postie knows what he is getting.

cheers Dave.


I've had the same problem with Play. They replace the lost discs but out of 30 or so I've ordered from them 4 have not turned up.

Can't be good for their business if they lose over 10% of titles in transit.

Anybody know a postman with a suspiciously large DVD collection....


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I had Castaway go missing having ordered it from DVD Soon. They made me wait the 45 days, but they did issue a credit coupon soon after, and I don't remember having a special form to fill in - it was all done by regular e-mails. Maybe you should e-mail them, and ask them to send you another form, if that's their policy now, and keep an eye out for it, before OE zaps it. By the way, if that happens, it doesn't actually delete the attachment, so you could untick the "Do not open ..." box, and resend it to yourself.

john R1

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Managed to open the attatchment, filled in the 'Affidavit'.
Sent back to them via email (same as way received it), just had an email saying that they cant open it the file is too big!! What a joke. They have asked me to fax it to them which i have just now done!

Watch this space! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:



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We've had lots of reports of postmen taking a liking to DVDs
(I work for Play in the Web Dev team)

They know when people make regular DVD orders and its easy to tell a play packaged item.

If it happens regularly then phone the Telesales department each time and report it. One of my work mates was having his DVDs nicked so we know its a problem


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i have 2 shipments that went missing by dvdsoon. The orders are sent via firstclass shipping.DO DVDSOON replace the lost orders?Or I am going to end up with nothing?

Does DVD PACIFIC replace orders that are lost becouse if DVDSOON is not going to replace the order I have to find another site to shop
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

[email protected]

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I've lost DVDs from both DVD Soon and Play. Play are always realy good, you only need to wait two weeks for a no show. Out of a hundred or so, only two that went astray. DVD Soon are more anoying, making you wait 45 days. However the voucher system worked out OK for me.

To be fair on the internet compainys, they work on trusting people not to make fauls clames.

I now get DVDs delivered to my work address, just so I never miss the postman.

john R1

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Dvd-soon said there was a backlog in the refund dept, but the credit for the lost dvd should be in my account by the end of the week, i keep saying i wont use them again but just seen matrix revolutions on there site for about £10.19 what can i say ?

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