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Having ordered many disks from various sources over the last year or so, I've never had any significant problems (barring - not surprisingly - lengthy delays from Splash, RIP). However, a disc I ordered from DVD Soon, despatched 17th Feb, has still not arrived. My e-mail to them elicited the following response....

"The normal time delay for standard carrier is 7-15 buisness days.
However, in the event of a lost item you must wait 45 buisness days before declaring the item lost.
I have verified your account and have noticed that the time delay has not been passed.
You may re-contact us on this precise date 26th of April 2004 to advise us that the item or items have still not been recieved.. "

The e-mail then outlines the procedure after this date, but whilst I wouldn't mind waiting, say, another 2 weeks, 45 buisness (sic) days seems to be pushing it a bit. In the experience of other members, is this par for the course? Is there an international business standard?


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I had this problem with DVDSoon, but must admit that I accepted it as par for the course as they were shipping to and international destination. I have family in Australia and things go "missing" in the post only for them to turn up some times as late as 3 months!!! Having said that, as soon as the 45 days had lapsed, DVDSoon where great and with no hassle sent out a replacement disc which I got about 4 days later. When I've ha dto deal with their customer service, I've found them very good


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Thanks sticker (and sorry, GregHook, forgot which forum I was in).

I'm sure there won't be any problems getting a repacement eventually, if need be. I was just surprised at the waiting period.


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I second what sticker said, fully. I ordered Castaway (why? - gawd knows, but it was cheap!), which never arrived, but immediately after the 45 days, they shipped a replacement. Many US retailers make you wait up to 10 weeks before declaring an item missing.


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I have had to waited for five months before for a delivery from the USA. My friend sent me a christmas parcel in November and it arrived just before easter! :rolleyes:


I think this is fair on DVDSoon's part. It is very expensive and largely futile to try and track down missing shipments, and as some have mentioned, there can be very long delays to international deliveries. The most cost effective procedure overall is what they are doing - wait a good long time; then don't argue. While you might like an earlier resolution, it would put up DVDSoon's prices, and they wouldn't be DVDSoon any more.

Just received an email that "Happiness of the Katakuris" ordered 15th Dec, has shipped on 9th March! They have mailed me a status report every week since the order.

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