DVD/SKY/TV/Video Sender SCART connections

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by scottyjock, Feb 15, 2005.

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    Just joined and thought I'd share my wee problem.

    I have just bought a GigaAir 2424 video sender from Maplin, which works really well at sending Sky or whatever up to my 2nd TV in bedroom.

    At the source I have:

    TV - 2 Scart connections (input only?)
    DVD - 5.1 surround, 1 Scart connections (output I assume)
    Sky - 2 Scart connections (output I assume?)
    new DVD - plays DivX etc, 1 Scart connection (not delivered yet)
    VHS - 2 Scart connections
    Video Sender - 1 Scart input

    Just now I have following connections:

    DVD 5.1 -> TV
    SKY -> TV
    SKY -> VHS
    VHS -> Video Sender

    This allows me to see Sky and VHS on the 2nd TV. I'm no expert on input and output connections etc, but is there a way of connecting everything together to allow me to see Sky, VHS and the new DivX DVD player on other TV. The 5.1 surround DVD is fine just being seen on 1st TV only.

    Maybe a Scart splitter or switcher? Or is there something more elegant I'm missing???


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