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Not sure if this is best placed here on in the DVD Player forum. Mods, please move if you think it necessary, or if tumbleweed is blowing :)

Have just got a Rotel RDV1060 DVD player, hooked it up into my Sky+ box just like the old DVD player and from there into my (Philips widescreen) TV.

Whereas my old cheapo DVD would switch the TV to RGB when connected through the Sky+ box, the Rotel doesn't appear to switch it, and the TV remains in Composite. Yet, if I connect the DVD directly to the TV, the TV switches correctly into RGB.

It's as if the Rotel isn't triggering something in the Sky+ correctly that the previous DVD player did, yet is triggering the TV ok when the sky+ is bypassed.

Any ideas? Don't really want to have to fork out for a Scart Switching box when this exact same config worked correctly (and still works correctly) with my old DVD player.



It sounds to me like your player isn't using "Scart Control".

Does the player have two sockets? If so try swapping them so it goes Sky+>DVD Player>TV

Failing that, see if there is an option for scart control in the player menu.



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The player only has the one output, no passthrough, so it has to feed into the Sky+ and from there, to the TV.

I can't find anything re Scart control in any of the menus unfortunately, just the option to chose component out, or RGB Scart. I've chosen the latter, but it isn't switching the TV to RGB mode (annoyingly).

I've three other DVD players (a Philips, Sony and a Samsung), and all switch the TV to RGB correctly. It's just the Rotel that doesn't want to play :(

I'm sure it's just a signal voltage that's lacking, so I might dig around with my multimeter to see what it isn't doing.

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