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Jun 1, 2006
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hi i have just setup a media centre pc with vista on underneath my pio plasma, i have downloaded dvdshrink as i have heard a lot of people say this is the best software to backup my dvds, can anyone give me a tutorial as to how get these backed up dvds to play in media centre, i have backed up the dvd which has given me loads of vob files?.. i have put these into my video folder but media centre says no viesoes present .. cany anyone guide me please?.. clueless really as to what to do,,,

I am guessing you want to rip your dvd's to the hard drive and then watch them within vista media centre.

I use many methods, but i think by far the symplisct for you would be to rip the dvd's to the hard drive using DVD Decryptor GUIDE

And then i use a program called "mymovies" which integrates into vista media centre and downloads all the information from a central database about the dvd. this has the ability to rip the DVD to the hard drive, bu ti think it requires anydvd to be installed.

Try installing "mymovies" to find out. I use my movies in conjunction with a movie server, but you do no thave to.

Check out there wiki if you have any problems.

Hope this helps.
to play ripped dvds in media centre you need to do a quick edit of Reg.

Open Registry Editor (Start, Run, REGEDIT) and navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Media Center\Settings\DvdSettings

Double-click the key ShowGallery and change the value from “Play” to “Gallery”.

After you have done this open media centre and play dvd will change to DVD library.

now open this and set up the libary to point to your ripped DVDS and media centre will play them.

I use http://www.dvdxml.com/news.php to get dvd info or DVD libary manager.

for a guide to use shrink http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/mpg/dvdshrink31-main.htm
good luck
My vote would be with my Movies just the best plugin you can get in my opinion. Try it!

I agree i have been using it for quite a while now and it absolutely rules!!! it will play .iso files as well if you cannot be bothered with ripping all the dvd's in dvd decrpytor, you could use a program called "image burn" just to rip the dvd's into an .iso.
If I remember correctly, press info button whilst navigating, you can then add directories.
In the future you should just use DVD Decrypter to rip DVDs as you will get an .iso file at the end rather than the vob files you get with DVD Shrink.

The only thing Shrink is good for is when you want to rip a dual layer DVD to a single layer DVD as this is what it was designed for.

I would get DVD Decrypter and rip the DVD again (this time to an .iso), then you shouldnt have the problems youre having in MC.
is this whilst navigating in media centre as this doesnt give me an option to add a pic file, if i need to add it on a file in my video folder which vob or other file do i need to setup with the relevant picture, thanks...

Im guessing your using the collection management feature.

If not use that, then import the dvd files directly into that, then i finds all the information out about them off the internet and imports it directly into mymovies, with covers and everything.

Hope this helps
with in dvdshrink you can rip the dvd to an iso ,

1,in shrink open file or disc depends were your film is let shrink do the job .

2, next click on back up you should have 5 tabs on click on target tab it says selcet back up device click on the down arrow there you will see create iso image select that and in the bottom space it says select target image you can click on the yellow foder to browse were you want to put your image, to be played back media player or what ever you are using .

hope this helps :hiya: shrink can only read vob files and ts files
i am not sure if i am using the collection management feature?, what is this, unfortunately at the minutie i dont have interent connection on my media centre pc as i have just upgraded it to vista and struggling with drivers for the belkin wireless card so i was just goin to get images on this computer and transfer it over onto relevant files but there is no option in media centre for allocating artwork?. i have just installed dvd decryptor but this has copied vob files exactly the same as shrink?.
The collection management for my movies is great, be sure to use it when you get your internet set up, because it will get information such as actors and plot summary's.

Then it displays all this info when you start my movies.

Is my movies playing the video_ts files ok?

I never have any problems, even when they are streaming from my server.

If you have a server which you store your movies on be sure to add my movies to it becuase then it is possible to stream loads of films to different pc's simultaniously, its :smashin:
how do i change the media centre dvd library to look into another folder for my ripped dvds?, how do i add the artwork?

if you right click the mouse in the dvd lib then select add movies and follow the instructions you can point media centre where you have saved your dvds

I use the following website for cover art and dvd info http://www.dvdxml.com/search.php?q=conspiracy&c=10&t=title&bool=and and save the info into each dvd folder

I find this more accurate than my movies which does not always get the right movie. when this fails i use dvd libary manager

this works a tr4eat for me
hi i have downloaded some info but which folder should i put it in for media centre to pick it up and use it?.. i have now installed my movies and it is now in the media centre menu but it isnt picking up all my dvds which i have already ripped (vob files) but media centre dvd library is picking them up?. also i have just ripped a dvd to an iso image but for some reason media centre dvd library did not pick this up and neither did my movies. am i best off just continuing ripping them in the vob files format?...
rip the DVD as vob files not iso.

to save xml file for DVD info just save it in the foDer for meDia centre to pick it up

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