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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by dittohead213, Jun 29, 2004.

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    hi there...

    not sure if im just dreaming.... but is there any hardwear like SKY+ but built onto a dvd recorder... what i mean is... a good dvd recorder/player with PVR subscription free and that actually works with sky channels/digibox etc..

    reasons are...

    my old panny vhs has retired into the loft now, quality + space reasons..

    would like to record from camcorder/pics etc onto dvdr, tv progs, so on...

    I like sky+ for recording tv progs and how it works etc, but would like to keep hard copy of some items, so for that reason i am put off SKY+, also sky have control over it & prices/subs etc...(prices up again this summer)

    wish list is for DVD recorder with same but free PVR functions as sky+ with or without hard drive.. dvd-RWs do same job.. is there such a recorder with special function/interface that could work a sky digibox etc... ??

    sorry if i left you confused, as i am very..lol


    shaun :rolleyes:

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