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I'm hoping someone can help. I've got some Mini Sony DVD-RW's given to me by a customer but they haven't been finalised, is there a way I can get the data off them? i've tried loading them in my computers dvd player and using ISObuster which has got some footage but weirdly it's only got around 40 seconds per disc and i'm certain there's more given the labelling on the case. If I put them in a stand alone dvd recorder it says they're unformatted and if I go to format them i'm certain this will wipe the data. Any advice would be very much appreciated please as i've not got the original camcorder to use to finalise or play them back.

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Thanks for the reply, I've tried Recuva but had no luck I'm afraid. The strange thing is I've just run ISObuster again and theres two VOB files on this one disc which are 738mb and 580mb, the 580mb file is playing as only 4 seconds and the 738mb file as 25 seconds, that seems a HUGE file for that short length of video. There's no way it's only rendering a tiny bit somehow is there?

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