DVD-RW, DVD-RAM on a Mac




I'm thinking of buying a DVD recorder but I'd like to get one which would allow me to read the recordings on my Apple Mac (an 800Mhz PowerMac G4). The computer in question has a Pioneer A05 DVD drive (aka Apple Superdrive). I know this will read and write to DVD-R however I'm not sure whether it can read DVD-RW and/or DVD-RAM. Even if the drive does would the Mac be able to cope with DVD-RW/DVD-RAM discs?

Any and all help much appreciated.




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DVD-RW should work perfectly as they are considered as standard DVDs by the mac.
Got a Sony GX3 and my PowerBook loves my DVD-RWs. He gives acces to the Sony "Title List" menu with Apple DVD player but not with VLC.

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