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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by tij303, Jan 4, 2004.

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    I know philips gets a lot of bashing here (probably rightly so) but for anyone who wants some reasonably priced dvd +rw discs without having to go via mail order (i.e me as I have just bought a philips recorder dvd r75 - which is OK) read on. PC World stock packs of cellophane sealed 10 imation +rw's that retail for 39.99 (ouch). However I went in on Saturday and they had promotion boxes marked 'GETSPORTY' containing the identical cellophane sealed discs inside mentioned above for ...... £14.99. Unless I am mistaken this is a reasonable price and certainly £25 less than the identical packs sat on the same shelf.
    The only strange thing was that no where was there a price ticket to indicate the cost - it was only because I had seen it on the web site that my memory was jogged and I had the pack checked at the till confirming it.
    Whilst I am not suggesting anything underhand was going on, they were certainly not clearly advertised - I wonder if the bar code on the sealed packs inside the box were the same as those on the shelf for £39.99 ?!? The other strange thing was that when I handed the box to the cahier he asked me where I had seen the price advertised - why ?
    Anyway it does represent a massive saving on the normal pack price. So the point of this posting is if you want a pack of decent quality dvd +rw's at a low cost try pc wold and look for the promotional packs marked 'get sporty' - one last thing - I dont know how long the stock will be there as the competition date on the box ended 31.12.3.

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