DVD Rot!! Agggh!

Paul O

Hi all,

Just tried playing my "A Bugs Life" UK DVD (duel sided) which I bought a few years back when it first came out. One side cannot be read by my dvd player. When you hold the disc up to the light, there are loads and loads of little drops coming through the inside.

Is this the same as the dodgy glueing system that they used for the old Laserdiscs?

I'd rather have 2 discs than one of these poor quality glued jobbies.

Has anyone else experienced this? Can you get a replacement?




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i had the misting problem that sparked a recall on the MGM Terminator two disc (do a search there's a huge thread on it) but it never caused a problem with my player so I didn't bother returning it.
Bug's Life is available two disc now.
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