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Say I wanted to make a DVD jukebox, so I could play all my DVD's from harddisk, with the aid of a virtual dvd-rom drive, is this possible? what software would I need? has anyone else done this? and lastly is it possible to compress the resulting images and de-compress as an when needed?

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You'd need a feckin' big hard disk, like 300GB+ to make it worth it... depends how many DVD's u own tho.


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Remember that DVD's are already comoressed to start with (MPEG 4 I think).

I'm doing exactly what you want. I've got two 200gb drives, and will be getting two more early next yeat. Not cheap, but makes life in the house so muc heasier (It's networked soanyone can watch whatever, whenever).

I'm using dvddecrypter to rip the disks, then PowerDVD to watch them.


Recoil, there are various methods to do this and have been discussed here before. Search is your friend :)

But here's a quicky on what I do. I have enough space for approx. 30'ish films once I've dumped the menus and extras. This is more than enough to keep my latest and favourite films. I've no desire to put on my whole collection although it is just a simple case of adding more space.

When I first get a film I make a 1:1 ISO rip using DVD Decryptor and then mount the ISO with Daemon Tools. The PC will treat it as though there is a DVD in a DVD drive. I do this because with a new film I'll be looking through the features and extra's etc.

Once I've had enough of that I'll dump all the extra's, menus, subtitles and unwanted soundtracks. I do this by ripping in File mode in DVD Dec. Once this is done I use IfoEdit to strip out subtitles, unwanted soundtracks and uneeded VOB-ID's.

Once this is finished I'm left with a smaller VIDEO_TS folder and a VIDEO_TS.IFO file that, with a double click launches Zoomplayer and straight into the film.

Everything you need to do this, along with detailed guides, can be found at www.doom9.org
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