DVD Rip TV Series - 1 file?

Steve Kelly

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I'm trying to rip my 'Spaced' DVDs. When I fire up MakeMKV or Handbrake, they're both only seeing the 6 episodes as 1 single file. So it's 1 file that's 2hrs 50 mins long. It's not breaking them down into the 6 episodes.

I've ripped a few TV series so far, and I've not come across this before on any other TV series'.

I don't want all episodes as 1 file.
Any ideas why this is happening, and what I can do to get the 6 episodes in separate files?


Sloppy Bob

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I haven't used MakeMKV but using MKVmerge GUI you can split a file simultaneously at multiple timecodes, so you could split your file up.


It depends on how the disc is authored. Some discs have each episode as a title so makemkv will auto split each episode into it's own file. Other discs have 1 big file and each episode is a chapter (so makemkv by default makes 1 big file with chapter markers).

Splitting by chapters was requested in MakeMKV as far back as 2009 but I don't think they ever added the facility. As mentioned you can split your MKV using MKVToolnix. Here is a guide to give you some pointers:

How to split MKV files using MKVToolnix - my-guides.net

You can use the timecodes from the chapters to indicate where you want the splits to be.

Steve Kelly

Well-known Member
thanks guys. I was hoping for something a little less ball-ache'y, but hey ho, it's only a one off thing.
I'll look at these tools


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If MakeMKV doesnt work get VOB2MPG same thing except output is .mpg container, VOB2MPG however can also split by chapter marks which most episodes have so if it's one big video you can split that way.

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