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The picture is all green when I use RGB mode from my Dansai 852 on my Sony 32LS60. It is okay in video mode, but when I select RGB as the colour mode on the Dansai it is green - the sony detects it's RGB because the little symbol at the top has the dots in it (you'll know what I mean if you have this TV) I have made sure all of the cables are in properly.

Tried the Sky digibox on the same scart socket and it is fine in RGB mode..any ideas? The people who installed the TV may have changed some scart leads around I guess, I'm not too clued up about Scart leads, are they all RGB enabled?

RGB mode on the DVD worked on my previous TV.


I had exactly the same problem with my 32LS60. First tried Sky (RGB) , picture OK. Then tried my trusty LG3350 DVD player and, like you, I got a completely green picture. I then tried the DVD player from the bedroom (Proline) and got a completely washed out picture. All using the same Scart lead.

So, two players and no watchable picture - even though both players work fine with other TVs in the house.

Bought a Sony NS405 DVD player, and surprise, surprise - perfect picture. I wanted another DVD player anyway, so I wasn't bothered. Not much help to you though, sorry.

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