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DVD Replay Format


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Hi Everyone,

I have now Media Center (MCE 2005) installed and it is my first install.

I have the Trial version of NVidia PureVideo Decoder running (since I have an NVidia 6600GT card running) and it seems to be working fine.

However (and there is always one!) the image when playing dvds does not fill up the screen. should the Decoder not scale the picture to the size of the projection area? I am using 720p native in my projector and the same in NVidia.

Anyone reccommends a good codec for DIVX?
If I use the "MyMovies" plugin can I use FFDShow and/or another DVD Player?

Thanks a lot for all your help everyone!

Sir Ranulph

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I have the same setup (6600GT, nvidia decoder and native 720p to projector). If you're talking about small black bars on left and right with some films, I get the same. It seems to vary from one dvd to the next, so I put it down to the film being formatted like that on the dvd in the first place. Although my standalone dvd player always managed to fill the screen width with every dvd.



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Yes that's what seems to happen to me too.
It can't be the NVidia codec because using the same codec with Media Portal it always filled the screen up, regardless of the original format. I thought that was what scaling actually did... perhaps we are missing something.

Does anyone else have this or know how to sort it out?

Cheers everyone!

Deleted member 39241

I have the nvidia 6600gt and purevideo codec to plasma, not got that problem. Are you using a widescreen resolution (1280 x 720)? Also you may need to adjust overscan in media center set up?

You can use ffdshow for divx / xvid files within MCE, works as just a codec, or as a codec and post processor. If you want to post process dvd's you cannot do this within MCE but you can use My Movies to seamlessly playback via Theatertek+ffdshow.
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