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Just interested to know the top 20 DVD's you have on your rental list waiting to be allocated to you in the near future. These are the 20 at the top of my Lovefilm list:

The Deer Hunter - HD Version
The Queen
Appollo 13 - HD Version
Das Boot - Director's Cut
The History Boys
The Host
Jackass The Movie - Number Two
King Kong - HD Version
The Night Listener
Office Space
Once In A Lifetime
Rumour Has It - HD Version
Stranger Than Fiction
World Trade Centre - HD Version
Casino Royale
United 93

All the best.


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Here's mine and the mrs list. We usually go for new releases and just buy the older films we like. Already got Eragon, Trust the Man and Pulse for this weekend.

The Prestige
The Covenant
The Guardian
Happy Feet
The Holiday
Miss Potter
The Night Listener
Starter For 10
Tenacious D In... Of Destiny
The Best Man
Big Nothing
Flushed Away
See No Evil



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DVD 15.gif Children Of Men
Available to download
DVD 15.gif Little Miss Sunshine
DVD 15.gif The Prestige
DVD 12.gif The Queen
DVD U.gif All About Eve
DVD 18.gif Die Hard 2 - Feature
DVD 15.gif Ghosts
DVD U.gif High Noon
DVD 15.gif Hollywoodland
DVD 15.gif The Host
DVD 15.gif In The Heat Of The Night
DVD PG.gif Nelly And Mr Arnaud
DVD 18.gif The Notorious Bettie Page
DVD PG.gif On The Waterfront
DVD 15.gif The Player
DVD 18.gif Red Road
DVD 15.gif Ridicule
Collapse dvd 12.gif The Son
The Son Shipped in order
Son, The - Bonus Disc
DVD 15.gif Volver
DVD 15.gif The Wind That... The Barley

Sorry for the copy/paste from my lovefilm rental list, but you've got your answer.

Max Payne

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Here's mine.....some old, new, HDDVD and wife friendly....:

V For Vendetta - HD Version
Last Samurai - HD Version
Superman Returns (HD DVD)
Third Man
The Queen
Requiem for a Dream
Just My Luck
An Unfinished Life
It's a Wonderful Life
Gone with the Wind
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Bonnie and Clyde
Yours, Mine And Ours
Poseidon (2006)
The Wicker Man (2006)


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My current top 20 movies waiting to be sent are...

Burst Angel - Vol. 1
Color Me Blood Red
Fudoh - The New Generation
Kiddy Grade - Vol. 1
Ley Lines
Rainy Dog
Russell Brand Live
Shinjuku Triad Society
Superman Returns
Razor Blade Smile
Tokko - Vol. 1
Boogiepop & Others
Broken Saints
Escaflowne - Vol. 1
Eureka Seven - Vol. 1
Samurai 7 - Vol. 1
Story of Ricky


Tom Tom

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At the Mo we have out:
Failure To Launch
Farce of the Penguins
My Super Ex-GF

The waiting to rent:

John Tucker Must Die
The Prestige
Stranger than Fiction
16 Blocks
(starts to get alphabetical as I tend to leave them on Med)
28 Days
A Lot Like Love
A Time To Kill
About Last night
Annie Hall
Ant Bully
Antwone Fisher
Assult on Precint 13
Bachelor Party
Bad Girls
Bad Taste
Barton Fink
The Best Man


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That's great!!!!:D

I've seen loads of films that I would never have seen if it wasn't for the films the people on this forum recommend. I thought it would be a quick and easy way of seeing what people are thinking about viewing so that we all might be alerted to other films we might like.

Cheers :smashin:

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