DVD Rental by mail order?


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Is this the correct forum to ask the questions:

Does anyone use them, and what experience do people have?

There appears to be loads of them. The ones I am interested in are the ones who offer a monthly fixed payment for a list selection that gets serviced in batches of 3(or more). DVDtoHome etc.


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I have been using Video Island for the last 2 weeks and have, so far, found them to be excellent. They charge £2.99, £3.99 or £5.99 per week for 2 discs, 3 discs or 5 discs respectively. You can change the number of discs anytime you want, and you can suspend your account whilst you are on holiday etc. They currently do a free trial for the first 2 weeks

I believe that Tesco are about to launch a service and that it will be in conjunction with Video Island.


I have been using DVDSONTAP for about a year. Now they are called Lovefilm. £20 gets you 3 DVDs at a time. They do £10(1 DVD) and £15 (2 DVDs). You can keep the dvds as long as you like. I have had no problems with turn around time. Ocassionally the discs are scratched and the dvds get stuck. I have never bothered to complain so I don't knwow what recompense you would get if you did complain.

Once a DVD went missing in the post. I emailed them and they sent me another dvd so it was no problem.


£10 per rental per week ?

thats steep when u can buy for £15


No, it's £10 per month for 1 DVD at a time - so if you watch as soon as it arrives and post next day another will be sent when the DVD arrives back at the supplier. If you're quick you can probably do 3 a week or 12 per month for 10 quid - which is not bad considering doing 12 rentals per month 1 at a time at Blockbuster is going to cost you around 35 quid.


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I've just signed up to screenselect.co.uk and they do a 2 week free trial then £14.95/month for 3 discs at a time. So far they've been excellent in delivering discs and they send out tv series dvds (like 24) in order too.


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I've gone for Lovefilm, formerly DVDSONTAP, partly because they sponsor this site (or used to). They offer a free trial month and have a big catalogue. I'll see how it goes. The first 3 DVDs arrived 48Hrs after registering. So far so good.

Thanks for the replies.


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There are offer codes you can use with both Lovefilm and Screenselect to get 30 days free trial.

I am using both at the moment, prob wont continue with either once the 30 days are up but hell, you can't complain at 30 days free.

I have used them to catch up on series like Alias and Sopranos which I missed first time around on TV. So much better watching them 1 after another like a long movie!


I've tried 3 companies and decided to go with Choiceserental. I think they just reduced their trial to 21 days though. The turnaround is very quick, though they don't process stuff over the weekend so posting on Firiday usually means waiting until Tuesday to get the next dvd. I lke the way you order the dvds and they usually pick the top 5 in my list. No faulty discs either. The price is steeper than the rest - 19.99 for 3 at a time.

I also tried tesco's and they were fast as well, but the selection process was very random and i received a faulty disc.

I also tried ScreenSelect. The turnaround seems slower with one of my discs going astray for a while, but that might be The Royal Mails fault. The price is good too and no faulty discs. They also picked my priority titles first.

Check out www.dvdtrials.co.uk for a list and access to codes for extended trials.



I'll second Choices.V fast turnaround,good selection and you do get new releases.Got Last Samurai yesterday.SCreen select,no first choice films sent,personal experience only though.


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