DVD Recording Picture Problem-DMR-ES10


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I recently got the DMR-ES10 DVD recorded. When I record on to a DVD -RW though the picture is really poor quality when being played back. It appears all pixelly almost.

I am using a DVD -RW on LP mode and was wondering if people could advise me why the picture is so poor? Could it have anything to do with the quality of the SCART cables I am using?

On a related note I was speaking to a friend and he said I shouldn't be using SCART's in my setup and I should use S-Video. My setup is a TH-42PWD8, Sky +, PS2, Panasonic home theatre system and the DVD recorder mentioned above. All of them are connected via a SCART switcher so I would be a bit annoyed if I had to change to S-Video as this would mean the scart switcher would be useless. Do you get an S-Video switcher?

Cheers for all you help.


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Have you tried using SP mode instead ? Using LP mode will give you a worse picture than SP.


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Yeah I was thinking of using a different recording mode but wasn't entirely sure if that was why the quality was so poor.

Was just wanting to see what other peoples opinions were.

Any more advice?

father alice

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Undoubtedly it is LP mode is giving the poor picture - use SP or FR if it is available.

LP equates to VCR quality approximately

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