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I need to buy a DVD recording drive for my PC (DELL P4 1.6Ghz 256k RAM).

The first thing I do is go on the net, check reviews, see what the word is. But after an hour, rather than having a better idea I am completely confused! DVD ROM - DVD RAM , compatibility etc.

Apart form the usual backing up of my little computer network, I will want to copy some of my DVD movies (not for resale purposes).

Is there a website that might explain all this to me? Does anyone know of a good model for doing this kind of thing? Is there a particular technology i should look at?

Any help greatly appreciated.

In a nutshell:
DVD RAM ideal for PCs, far more flexible, higher access speeds Random access etc but not many DVD standalone players will play DVD RAM discs. this will change with advent of DVD Multi

DVD-RW ideal for video recording use. Useful for PC but not as flexible as DVD RAM. Higher compatablity than DVD+RW and DVD RAM

DVD+RW has cost advantage but less compatable than DVD-RW.

The latest DVD RAM for PCs also burn DVD-R which has the highest compatability with DVD players.

If you buy this months issue of Home cinema essentials it covers the compatability issue from a DVD recorder perspective.

I have DVD RAM in my PC and wouldnt be without it. I use this in preference to CDRW for archiving a day to day back ups However it was made pre DVD-R. If I was in the market again I would stick to DVD RAM but get one that burns DVD-Rs so that I could make DVD-Rs of home movies (currently limited to SVCD)

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