DVD recorders/HDD?? Help needed.

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    Hi there, I'm new here, so please forgive me if this has been posted in the wrong place.

    Ok I will try and make sense of what I would like advice on.

    I am considering purchasing a dvd recorder, either a HDD or disk.

    I dont really want to go for the disk option as I have so many all over the house as it is now. But as a friend also suggested I wont really record much off freeview either, as I can get it all on line.

    I do download a lot, hence the wanting a dvd which is divx compatible, and I do like to keep some disks aswell, as my daughter would watch them on her dvd player.

    Also the solution to my problem would actually be to find some sort of portable hardware to download onto, then maybe be able to plug into stand alone dvd player.

    Dont know if this is possible but maybe someone could shed some light on it thanks.

    I hope my waffle has made a little sense lol and someone can be of help, with brands, etc.



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