DVD recorders :Choose Digital Output PCM or AC3 2.0 ?

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    I ‘am new on AV-Forums
    and please, sorry for my bad english !

    I want to buy a DVD recorder as PANA 55, Pioneer 320, JVC drm10…
    and i prefer facilities of DVD-RAM (even if in France, it is only just knowed…)
    I have a Audio-Video system with only 2 speakers ( Magneplanar 3.6R ),
    all my sources are Digital and goes in PCM (16bits/44.1khz) with digital cables in my Swiss DAC which upsample all digital signals in 24bits/192khz and then in the tube préamp/amp.

    I read that all DVD Recorders record only in Dolby Digital (AC3 in 2.0) except in XP mode ( 1 hour) in PCM that i need.
    If records are PCM, it is Ok for my system.
    But if records are AC3 (2.0 or 5.1), i have no sound in my system !

    My questions, please :
    Are DVD recorders record in PCM in other résolution than XP mode ( 1 hr is too short )?
    I have read on a thread a person who says record in SP mode 4.6Mb with his Toshiba RD-XS32… ?
    In menus in DVD recorders, can we configure digital output in AC3 or PCM mode ?
    (my DVD DENON 3800 has this configuration in his menus but it is perhaps it has internals DolbyDigital and DTS Décoders and he know make that ? )

    Thanks in advance for yours reply :lease:


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