DVD recorder.



I am after buying a DMS-HR2 DVD/Recorder region free.
can i back up all my DVD's as easy as connecting my other DVD to it i have them on Video as back up with MAC disabled DVD source.

Any advise welcome


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I think you are looking to buy a Multiregion not region free DMR-HS2 (not HR2):), If you are hoping to copy an entire DVD including menus and extras the anwser is no, The only thing you will be able to copy is the movie but that would be illegal :rolleyes:

Also not all DVD's are simply Macrovision protected some also have CGMS protection, So your other DVD Player will need to both Macrovision & CGMS disabled.


do you know of any dvd players that have this macrovision & CGMS disabled.


thx for the answer why i put that model lol, ok what DVD can you disable both, i have backed up to video cass so it should still work then if you can do that already.


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Bear in mind that most DVD's are either dual sided or Dual Layer.

As such a film will not fit onto a DVD(-/+)r disk without re-compression or spanning the film over two DVD(-/+)r's.

If your intention is to 'backup' your dvd's in one easy step then at the moment this is not possible.

Would be great for archiving old video's though.


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