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i'm thinking of purchasing a phillips dvdr880 recorder or the panasonic dvd-ram machine...im interested what the cd audio quality is like on these machines as i would like to use it to replace my existing dvd, video and cd player....my cd player is an old marantz cd63se bought in mid '95....when i bought my original dvd player a couple of years ago i was told the cd audio quality was useless i'm just wondering if anything has changed.


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I can't really say I'm an audiophile expert but I am fussy about sound quality.

I've just bought the Philips DVDR880 and I feel it sounds good enough for me to disconnect and put away my 10 year old Philips CD player due to lack of room.

I used to have a Sony NS305 which didn't sound good at all with CD's - drums were harsh and subtleties were lost and so always used my CD player for music. I'm much happier with the Phillips in this respect as it sounds as good as the CD player to my ears.

I have also changed my AV reciever from a budget Kenwood to a Marantz 4200 which has been a great buy as it's excellent for music.



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calscot. I am no auhiophile expert either. But I think I know a good sound when I here one. To me both the E20/30 (I have both) produce excellent sound quality. To describe it as useless would be in my oppinion a million miles off the mark. I can't comment on the Philips sound as I have no experience with them. I am a total Panny convert. Malcom.


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Sorry! I should have addressed the reply to largesack . Can't afford the lights on in my house. :D :D

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