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dvd recorder with usb out?



Hi all, this is my first post and got here after googling for a long time.

What I'm trying to do: send recorded television over the internet. I'm an American living in Brazil, and have a daughter that I'm trying to teach english to via television. I have a friend in the USA willing to record the TV as long as its easy enough. I can download files via their computer no problem.

What I need minimally for my friend is to buy them something that has:

1) a In-Built Digital Tuner, so I'm thinking I need a DVD recorder.
2) Preferably something that can also record to some version of divx/xvid etc.
3) Preferably has USB out, ie, I can grab files recorded from recorders hard disk. Perhaps I can burn to RW but getting the vob files etc via a USB thumb drive seems like it would be easier.
4) Avoid a DIY DVR, as my friend is non-technical.

The Philips DVDR3575H/37 would be fine - even without divx - except you can't grab files from the hard drive via USB. The netgear EVA8000, while perhaps OT for this forum, nevertheless doesn't have a In-Built Digital Tuner and seemingly can't burn directly to USB. The EVA8000's ethernet / wireless capabilities will be a challenge for my friend and me to explain it to him.

Anything out there like what I need, or some advice on how I can get there?



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I'm not sure that this will be suitable, but I'm in roughly the same boat. I want to put copies of TV programs onto computer to set up a video library for the science department at my school. The problem is that the V+ box is downstairs and the computer upstairs (not quite as big as the gap between the Us and Brazil but you get the idea). I've been looking at a piece of kit called the Pinnnacle Video Transfer which can copy from analogue video sources (composite / s video) onto numerous devices including USB hard drives. There are lots of options and it records in h.264 format which can be read by quicktime. All your friend would need to do would be to hook it up to a suitable source (HDD recorder, cable box etc) and a suitable recording medium e.g. usb flash drive or usb hard drive, press record and stop at the right times unhoook the portable hard drive or USB pen and send your daughter the file over the net. Another advantage of this would be thas as it records everything on the screen, your friend could record subtitles. The tedious video on the pinnacle site can fill in the rest of the details. I've not actually bought one yet but as it's so cheap I might as well give is a punt.


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I bought the PVT as mentioned above. The picture quality is pretty good when set on best quality with a USB hard drive. There are some effects from the interlaced nature of the recording, but nothing too serious. Editing the h.264 output requires a great deal of time to render into mpeg-2 format or even back into mp4 on ulead media studio, so if you'd need to edit material rather than send it as is, then you'd need to leave your computer hard at it for some considerable time.


Sounds like you would be better off with a cheap Pc and inbuilt TV tuners. This negates the whole step of getting the recorded Tv onto the computer in the first place. Hauppage are good hardware wise, but their software is 5 years behind the times. But again there are many good alternative softwares.
Philips 55xx will allow xfr between dvd-Hdd-usb but not of recorded TV. That only goes one way either direct to dvd or recorded to hard disk then archived onto DVD (+-RW).

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