DVD Recorder with Digital Input


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Anyone know of a DVD Recorder that has a Digital Audio Input?

I would be really nice to be able to record films from my Sky+ box direct to DVD including the AC3 audio stream!




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If you trying to record a Dolby Digital 5.1/AC3 Movie from Sky onto a DVD Recorder then the answer is no, Problem is that no current DVD Recorders lets you record anything more than Dolby Digital 2channel as far as I am aware,

This is the case for Panasonic DMR-E20/30 and DMR-HS2 as they only allow Dolby Digital 2channel or Linear PCM 2ch (XP mode).

Movie companies don't want us making perfect copies :)


There is a way this *should* work, but I ain't got the hardware to do it yet :( Basically a PC sound card like the Terratec DMX can work in "non-audio mode" which it uses to transfer dts/dd streams unaltered. So it should be possible to record this stream to a file, and get the ac3 sound! It needs someone with a sky+ box and the card to try this out...

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