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    I need to be able to record from freeview, edit recordings and then burn to disc so that I can show clips to classes of students (I'm a teacher).

    I was thinking of the Toshiba RDXS34 because of its editing options and hooking up to my Sony freeview box. However, the facility to record one digital channel whilst watching another would provide a complete replacement for my VCR (a dual DVB DVD recorder doesn't exist yet) so if I got the Tosh (or some other) is it still possible to set up 2 digital boxes? Or would I be better off getting a recorder with integrated DVB PANASONIC DMREH60D or Sony RDRGXD500S (minus HDD) and use my existing digital box as well. I am tempted to just say sod it and just build a pc with dual DVB tuners!

    Any suggestions?
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    Certianly you can have 2 digital boxes. I'd probably keep the Sony Freeview for the TV and get a second one (with RGB on the TV-out) for a recorder.
    And I think if you get a Pioneer 530 (or better) recirder with GuidePlus and a compatible Freeview box to dedicate to it you will be able to preset all your timer recording on the 530 from the GuidePlus download guide and almost forget its Freeview box is there.

    As the Freeview box will need to be powered up all the time recordings are expected it should be OK checking for updates etc. But if you know there is nothing going to be recorded for a while then turning it off could be advisable.

    Don't get another Sony Freeview box or the remote for the TV one may mess up the one for the recorder, which the 530 would be controlling with its IR transmitter, or vice versa.
    (I understand the Tosh 34 has an IR thing to work a Freeview box, but no GuidePlus for timer setting).

    I've found editing on the Pioneer 420 a piece of cake - right down to single frame selection.

    You may have to experiment with the aerial loop through sequence to get the best results or maybe get a splitter. Also use good quality coax between the units. The ones supplied can be a bit flimsy. I use one aerial linked like this:
    Aerial > Freeview > Pioneer 420 > Sanyo VCR > Sony TV and it's fine
    There is a simple splitter between the VCR and the TV to feed an analogue PC tuner.
    I'd probably go Aerial > Freeview(recorder) > recorder > Freeview(TV) > TV if you want to use the TV tuner.

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