DVD Recorder with 250GB HDD and general sound query.

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    Hi ...

    First off, are current, average priced, DVD Recorders able to record in Dolby Digtal, or only playback in Dolby Digital? The reason I ask is because our satellite decoder here in South Africa offers a coaxial digital output - and could possibly one day start broadcasting in Dolby Digital. Just wondering if any DVD Recorders available would record this sound? If a program has Pro Logic or higher, do the recorders down mix to record stereo? I'm worried of buying a machine that can't record DD, then they release one that CAN record in less than a year!

    Secondly, I am looking at an LG 7624W with 250GB HDD. It's pretty new on the market, and was just wondering what you guys thought of this? I looked at the specs - but since I'm new, I'm not sure what I should look out for. The specs/features are here http://za.lge.com/md/product/prodca...00000205&categoryLevel=4&productId=1100000399

    Now, the machine costs a little more than a (discontinued) Philips DVDR75, but one of the shops has it available for purchase. So I'vr got that option - but the LG seems so much better! I've researched a little on both, and see the Philips has no HDD - and I think it has a digital input (maybe record in Dolby Digtal). It's an older machine, and was wondering if it was better to go for the new LG - as technology has increased in the past year?

    Almost done ... ;) Are these things easy to operate?? My mom bought a Philips with HDD a few months back, and took swopped it for an LG machine at half the price. She lost on the HDD (which she didn't care) - but the machine was soooo much easier to use! Is Philips maybe just an exception? Seems some reviews say it's complex to use out of the box, and the manual isn't clear.

    Lastly - can one buy a DVD from the shops, and store it on the 250gig HDD for playback? That would be nifty - as the HDD is pretty large! Can one save Jpegs on the HDD for veiwing? Do they load faster than if viewin on a CD?

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