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    Firstly hello to all,
    I'm looking to purchase a Dvd Recorder & would like to know some answers before i buy..so Gandalf's of the AV World please point me in the right direction..!
    I will mainly be using the Recorder for archiving old videos to Dvd & a bit of Tv recording.I plan to send copies of the Dvd's around the world so i need a secure Format & a glitch free if possible machine,reliable would be the word i'd use...
    I'd appreciate any response to these questions greatly - Thanks!

    1.Machines - Which To Buy?
    Philips DVDR 890
    Yamaha DRX-1
    Panasonic DMR-E30
    Panasonic DMR-HS2

    2.Dvd-R or Dvd+ Which is more compatable with most dvd Players (A can of worms here?)

    3.For picture quality use Component or Scart?

    4.Also i've a Panasonic DV717 Macro/Region free Can i use this as a player & record o.k. on the above Dvd Recorders?

    I use a Panasonic Plasma TH-42PW5 through an older Sony STR-DB930 Receiver/Amp

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