DVD recorder w freeview analogue i-link?



I'm very interested in the Pansonic DMRES20D, which had freeview but also lets me watch other analogue channels. However it has no i-link for my dvcamcorder and I do want that.

Any suggestions on alternatives? I need a freeview box, not necessarily integrated but I think it makes the cabling up easier to have one only more box. I have access to analogue cable and a separate digital aerial. At the moment I have a JVC vhs recorder/dvd player box, wired up to my stereo.

I will want to archive vhs to dvd; record from both freeview and analogue (the latter very occasional but necessary) and be able to switch to listening through my stereo. I will also want to be able to use recorded DVD's on other machines/my computer and am aware of the various formats and specs needed.

How do I cable all this up if I get a separate DVD recorder and freeview box? (I'm not very interested in having an HDD model, unless I can be convinced that it will really make my life easier. There isn't that much that I want to record.)

I was looking at the Lite-on DVD recorders - 5002 models as well. They are certainly well specified but what is the recording quality like, compared to the Panasonic? Are they reliable? I've seen a lot of good reviews of this model. (I would get a separate freeview box of course in this case.)

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks CHG


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jvc drm150s on jvc website. this model appears to be a dvd recorder with
freeview and ilink . no reviews for this model as yet

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