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dvd recorder, virgin media box to TV cable info


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Hi, can anyone offer advice on how to hook up the cables to a DVD recorder (mico),virgin digi box and TV. I would like to be able to record either from the digi box or TV.
Cheers Dave


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Hi Welcome to AVForums

You do not say what type of Virgin Digibox you have? Is it a V box or a V+ box as this makes a lot of difference in this type of set up. If the former which make is it a Samsung or Pace?

How is the V (or V+) box connected to the TV?

What inputs and outputs does the DVD recorder have?

I have both a V box and a V+ box and use the latter in conjunction with a Sony DVD recorder so I hope I can help, but need the info requested above please.

If you are uncertain please list the type/model nos for the box and DVD recorder and I will try to find out out the relevant info.
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Thanks for the reply.The DVD recorder is a Mico espejo R311. It has 2 scart sockets, antenna in out, s-video,video and audio output, coaxial output.

The digibox is a Pace DI 400NC, im not sure of the input outputs on this as I am trying to sort this for a freind and im not near the machine at the moment. I know it has 2 x scarts.

Many thanks for your help


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Thanks for the info.


V box TV scart to Scart on TV (AV1?)
V box VCR scart to input scart of DVD recorder.
"TV" or otherwise labelled output scart of DVD recorder to second scart input of TV (AV2?)

Since the TV can only display what is set on the V box there is no point in recording from the TV. This set up will enable recordings direct from the V Box.

Ensure that the V box is set to output RGB on the TV Scart. and that the DVD recorder is also set to RGB on its TV output. Also if not automatic the TV should be set to RGB on both its scarts.

Please come back if you require clarification or hit problems.


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If your friend doesn't want to use both Scart inputs on the TV - he could connect the box, recorder & TV in series - TV out Scart of the box to the AV2 (input Scsrt) of the recorder; AV1 (TV out Scart) of the recorder to one of the TV input Scarts. Set all Scarts to RGB.

This should avoid having to toggle between Scart inputs on the TV - the TV should display both box & recorder menus, as required; & should automatically switch to the recorder when a disc (or HDD recording) is played.

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