DVD recorder so I can transfer Sky+ content


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Hi all,

Hope someone can help. I have Sky+ and would like the ability to transfer some of that content onto DVD. So I know I need a DVD recorder but can someone please recommend one for this purpose? I just need something basic, cheap, and reliable. Please note this is not for piracy usage, its just that I would like to permanently keep some programmes for my own personal use (and I don't want to rely on the unreliable Sky+ boxes!). I'm not too bothered if the recorder isn't that great at playback because I already have a blu ray player and another DVD player.

Thanks in advance for your help.


buy a sony 890 or a panasonic , with internal HDD , record from sky+ to hdd on the recorder , edit , then burn the disk


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If you don't need a freeview tuner (which you won't for transfering sky plus stuff) you could probably buy a cheap analogue tuner dvd recorder with hd of ebay. However I'm not sure which non freeview model is most highly rated perhaps others could advise if thats the route you plan to go down. I would guess the Panasonic models just before they got freeview. They can go very cheap on ebay as most people want a freeview tuner fitted to a dvd recorder now.

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