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    Hi, I am blind and have a talking VHS remote control (it does exactly what it says).
    It is a generic device and can be switched to operate a selected VHS recorder from a choice of about six groups.
    I am told that these choices correspond to different manufacturers RC5 streams.

    I am now looking to buy a DVD recorder, and so would naturally like to be able to use a talking remote. I have spoken to the company who produce the talking remote and they tell me that the 'VHS' device would not work with a DVD recorder (although they didn't sound like they really knew too much about the technicalities) , and that they do not make a DVD-recrder specific device.

    So my question:
    Is there a model or range of DVD recorders that uses one of the 'old' RC5 streams for its remote that a VHS remote would have used?

    The talking remote is a pretty simple device which can be used for timed recording etc. It performs the timed recording by simply turning the recorder on at the specified time, and simulating the pressing of the record button. At the end of the recording it simply turns the recorder off. Obviously with a simple VHS recorder turning the device off is just a simple operation with no consequences, but with a DVD recorder, would the recorder need to do some processing after the recording is stopped and before the recorder is turned off? if this was the case, then perhaps this talking remote would not be appropriate.

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