DVD recorder - recorded audio format


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I currently own a phillips DVDR70 that dying. (wont play comercial DVD's anymore) so am considering a new recorder.
I intend to stay in the budget end of the market but have read somewhere that some budget units don't record from TV in stereo. The phillips unit does but is that right?
I was looking at the Liteon DD-A100X which states it has dolby digital recording but not NICAM.
In my limited AV knowledge I dont understand if this means it will record a TV broadcast in a dolby 2 channel format as appose to a Nicam stereo or does it just record in Mono. Also, I thought most analogue transmissions were now Nicam stereo, how does that affect this recorders recognition of the source audio.
I know video + is hard to come by on a budget machine but I would expect a stereo recording from TV.
For further info I have a separate surround system which can output pro-logic II from a stereo source, thats why Im interseted in this requirement.
Thanks in advance.
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