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DVD Recorder OR HDD recorder?



Hi Everyone,

I've just bought a Philips DVD recorder model 3380, i wanted to record freeview as well as watching another channel and realised i would need 2 freeview boxes to do this.

Would I be better off getting 2 freeview boxes or getting the Goodmans (GHD8015F2 80GB Digital TV Recorder with Twin Free-to-View Tuners). I'm not sure what t do as my budget is £120 and i know philips are a good make.

Any suggestions?




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I was not aware that there were any twin tuners consumer DVD recorders in the UK yet (they have them in Japan).

I would go for the goodmans if it meets your other needs.

DVD recorders are all about compromise, every model does something differently.

The hard disk is a great option as it allows better editing and more flixibility. However, there are other considerations.

If you can get the goodmans with80gb and twin freeviews for £120 then fine otherwise consider other models.

You can always stick a cheap freeview on the scart port and get the same features.


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the goodmans is just a PVR not a DVD-R.....it also can only record one thing and let you watch another, it cannot record two things at same time....at least not according to the review i found on it via kelkoo...


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Laura, I assume you're looking for something to go with the DVD recorder, not planning to take the DVD recorder back.

I don't know anything about the Goodmans, but it sounds like a PVR, as it's generally called around here. Buying a PVR would give you a similar arrangement to me. I record everything on my PVR, deleting most things after I've watched them once. If I want a recording on DVD (which I only do very rarely), I can copy it from the PVR to my DVD recorder.

The only drawback with this arrangement is that I can't watch anything on the PVR while I'm copying something to DVD. But, as I don't do this very often, it's not a problem for me.

Since I record virtually everything I want to watch, and hardly ever watch anything live, I find it essential to have a PVR which can record two programmes at the same time. If you still expect to watch most TV programmes as they're broadcast, then you may find that a watch-one-record-one PVR is sufficient.

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