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DVD Recorder Need to buy - advice required


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Hi all,

I am in the market for a DVD recorder. This will be used to transfer recordings from my Sky HD box onto DVD. I do not need a hard drive as I use Sky+ for that. Here is a list of my existing equipment:

Panasonic TH42PX70
Pioneer 575A DVD Player
Denon 1906 Amp
Sky HD

Ideally I want the new DVD recorder to replace the Pioneer as a player also so that I don't have to have two boxes. The Pioneer is currently connected via component and optical output.

I dont want to spend much money but need something that will be a good player also.

How do you connect these recorders to your Sky HD Box? Is it via Scart?

Advice appreciated!


I would look at buying a well known make , preferably with freeview built in as well

so sony , pioneer , panasonic , toshiba , samsung etc

yes it is scart connected , vcr out on the sky box to av input on the recorder


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vcr out on the sky box to av input on the recorder

The "Vcr Scart" can only output Composite Video...to preserve your recordings at the best quality make sure you connect the SkyHD "TV Scart" (set to output RGB) to an RGB enabled AV input on the DVDR.


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Thanks for the replies.

After doing some more research, do you think the Sony RDRGX350B would be a soultion for me?



seems to get good reviews but has an analogue tuner , not digital

I too would get a freeview version so that it can do more than just record from sky , and wont be obsolete when analogue is switched off


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before I go and buy one of these...my laptop has a Ilink connection in which I use to capture video from my camcorder, couldnt I connect to Sky HD somehow to capture video from that?


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what sort connection do you have from your camcorder? If it is a firewire/ilink, then SKYHD does not have one...

SKYHD has an HDMI socket, Component video out, Scart and optical audio, RF in and out sockets and phono audio connectors..

If you do not have a HDMI input or Component video input, then you cannot capture HD... the scart will only do SD, and maybe only composite!

But ramjet has a point, when analogue has switched off, and a massive rain/snowstorm has cut off sky, what will you watch??? (note that any thing you have 'skyplussed' cannot be watched without a signal from sky to watch it...)


ilink is firewire and the sky boxes dont have it

you could use a dazzle or easycap to capture video from your sky box using either scart or phono outputs to a usb input on your pc , and then edit it on your pc

this would mean using composite to usb giving some sort of mpeg or avi recordings , check the specs for details

but that isnt really anything to do with dvd recorders or sky etc

to be frank , what you want is partly irrelevant as you never want a boat without a paddle so even if you dont ask for a paddle to start with you will probably need it eventually , with that in mind a freeview recorder is a better bet , replacing the player you have now , and is what you asked for in post 1

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