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    I have been thinking of buying an audio hard disk recorder and player recently, so I can put all my MP3's from my PC onto a stylish unit downstairs, for instant retreval in the lounge.....I decided agianst the Yamaha CDR HD1300 as it doesn't support compressed MP3's.

    I was thinking about the Sony HARD100 or the Herculies when I came across this DVD recorder (you need to click DVD and then Product of the month) > http://uk.thomson-europe.com/Frame/...5&countryID=826

    I'm not a real technical buff but it seems that this would do the job nicely (it's got a 40Gb hard drive), and at the same time we'd have a system that would record TV and pause live TV!

    It seems too good to be true to get something for the same price that does so much more.

    In everyones opinion, would this be up to much in terms of an excellent quality sound system for playing MP3's through some loud speakers? (I've not got the speakers yet but I want something loud, floor standing, for about £150-£200

    Any views and advice would be gladly received

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