DVD recorder help needed please! (Samsung)


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I just recently bought a Samsung Analogue DVD recorder and am having some difficulty with it. I have it tuned into all the channels, including my Virgin Media cable channels, and it's linked to the cable box.

The problem I'm having is that it's recording ok, but not recording long enough!!

Last night I set the timer record to start at 8:00pm and go off at 10:15pm. When I got home I checked it and it looked as though it recorded, but the length of the content was only 19 mins, 45 secs (should have been 2 hours 15 mins). So i started to play and watch what I had recorded, and surely enough, it stopped at the 19min 45 second mark! So I thought maybe it was an error I'd done so I put in a new DVD and tried it again to test it! I set it to go on at 6pm tonight, and off at 8pm. I had to change the speed to LP, as the SP wasn't gonna be long enough. So I'm sitting watching and it starts recording at the right time, then goes off at the right time, 2 hours later. Then it starts to finalise itself (think it does this because I put the EZ REC mode on the previous night). So I check the Title Menu, and again, what I'm getting is NOT 2 hours, but this time I get 17 mins and so many seconds.

What am I doing wrong here? The DVD's I'm using are DVD-R's (DataWrite, cheap ones but shouldn't matter)

Thanks in advance.


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What model is it?


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No, no, no, no, NO...!

Try it at the lowest quality possible to see if that allows more time on your media.

In the manual it should tell you how much time is possible for each quality setting.

If that don't work then your machine is like the rest of the samsung dvd recorders -- full of bugs.

Get one with a hard disk but not a samsung.


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It might be your media as samsung is VERY fussy.

Someone earlier said it didn't even like samsung media. (Told by Samsung)

I have a Sony machine and it has recorded/played all the media that I have.


Search the samsung threads and see what media others are using.

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