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Hi,getting SKY+ shortly,just got a Philips DVDR80 DVD Recorder.Can i connect the two,for copying to from the SKY+ ? I know you can copy to VCR,but just wondered about DVD ! Also,the DVDR80 has SAT Mouse,a way of changing channels on a satellite box,will this work with SKY+ ? Are the IXOS XFT02 scart cables any good,as the company selling them say they are a good first step into Home Cinema,and wondered if it might just be a marketing ploy,as i at the moment cannot afford £35 for just one scart,when i need a few.I have a Ferguson 32in widescreen tv with 2 scarts,i know it's not great but it does the job for now,a Sharp VCR with 2 scarts,the DVDR80 with 2 scarts,and shortly SKY+,which i believe has 2 scarts too ! I need to connect them all so i can record to SKY+ and DVD's,and copy to both videotape and dvd from SKY+,and playback from VCR.Sounds a nightmare,anyone got any helpful suggestions,many thanks ? :smashin:
I have a Ferguson 32in widescreen tv with 2 scarts
Assuming one Scart is RGB Compatible then you can set up your system as follows:

Sky+ TV Out > DVDR > TV RGB in (AV1)

This way you can record in RGB to your DVDR80 and record in composite to your VCR. If your TV doesn't have RGB in then you can use the S-Video connections.
Nice one mate.The TV has 2 scarts,one black,one blue,and s-video.I did have my old dvd connected via s-video,because of the lack of scarts,but now my new DVDR80 has arrived,i decided to connect via scart,as no longer needed the 2 VCR's i had connected either,as the DVDR80 is multi-region,so all in all,i got the DVDR80 for £347,got rid of one of the VCR's and the old Pioneer DVD 515,both will go up to our bedroom to be connected to the tv up there,which is only a 14in portable,1 tuner, with integrated vcr,and 1 scart.I intend to put them through a scart switcher so it will be easier,just flick a switch.Thanks for the suggestions. :smashin:

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