DVD Recorder Compatibility with Home Cinema ?


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Hi everyone.... I don't really know a great deal about all this stuff.... So, go easy on me.

I'm thinking about getting a DVD Recorder with Hard Drive. I played with one at a friends house and it seems like a really cool gadget that I can't live without !

I've already got a reasonable home cinema system (or it seems ok to me anyway), but I wondered if I bought the same brand DVD Recorder, if it would be compatible with the existing home cinema.

The current DVD Player (Panasonic) connects to an amp in the sub woofer via a small multi pin plug (kind of like an IDE cable from a PC)

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers, Dave. :thumbsup:


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I think you probably want the DVD Recorders forum. To answer your question though - I am assuming your home cinema setup (i.e. the speakers) are are integrated component with the DVD player, i.e. it was all one package. If so then you won't be able to split them - what you should be able to do is to use the opitical input on your DVD player (assuming it has one) and connect that to the optical ouptut on your new DVD recorder. Assuming your DVD player/home cinema does havge this input then almost any brand of HDD/DVDR would work - although Panasonic models tend to be the best IMHO.

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