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Hi All

What does everyone think about using a DVD Recorder as a main DVD Player in a AV set up. Would you lot do this or would you have a seperate DVD Player.


That would depend on the quality of the DVD player you would have used if you weren't using the recorder. Others in the forum have suggested that the Panasonic DMR-E20 is about as good a player as a 400-500 pound player. Is that good enoguh for you?

Other thing to remember is that the recorder seem to be more expensive to Multi-Zone. Is that an issue?

Chris 'kiwiranger' Parke


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Pioneer DVR-7000 recorder has a great dvd player built into it (DV-646) and can be bought as multi region for around £1000.00

Check out www.pricerunner.co.uk or www.kelkoo.co.uk for the cheapest prices.


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If these dvd recorders do have the quality of a £400 to £500 player then am i right in thinking they have component outputs?


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I have an E20. I also decided to get a Pineer 444 DVD player for use as the work horse player. DVD recorders being expensive at the moment I think it makes sense to use them mainly for just that and use a DVD player for playback. It is also usefull to confirm that DVD-Rs made in the recorder will play back on other DVD player equipment. Gives you that extra peace of mind.


I'm waiting for Philips 1000 Mk II. It looks very interesting on paper.


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