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DVD Recorder and Playstation 2 problem

Discussion in 'Nintendo Forums' started by edwinbradford, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. edwinbradford


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    This is a bit complex so I hope I can explain it clearly. I have a PS2 and an Xbox both capable of playing PAL and NTSC games and a Gamecube capable of playing only NTSC games. All these consoles output RGB signals through RGB cables into an RGB scart box switcher. From here they go through a Panasonic DMR E55 DVD Recorder (that supports RGB in and out) to my TV which obviously supports NTSC and RGB.

    My primary purpose for this arrangement is to record video games in other languages (Japanese) and play them back from the DVD Recorder to translate them slowly. It works very well apart from the PS2. When I play NTSC games from the PS2 through the DVD Recorder and it is switched on the image on the TV is vertically compressed upwards about 20%, horizontal is unaffected. The only setup that causes this is the combination of PS2, import game (NTSC), DVD Recorder switched on.

    If I play PAL games it's fine, if I switch the DVD Recorder off it displays fine on TV even with an NTSC game and if I run an import game from the Xbox with the DVD Recorder on it's also fine. If I play any game from the Gamecube it's fine providing I switch the DVD Recorder setup to NTSC.

    Can anyone help me. I appreciate this is a tricky one. What could possibly be the difference between the xbox output and the PS2 output that causes the PS2 to display incorrectly only when via the DVD Recorder?

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