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Would anybody seriously recommend buying a DVD recorder at the moment with all the different formats/versions.

From what I can gather DVD+RW seems the way to go as it has the most flexibility and the Philips models seem reasonable for under £400.

But will this format become obsolete in 12 mths time.

Should I hold onto my cash for a while longer??

Any advice would be really appreciated.


I think you've answered the question yourself! If you can do without it for another 12 months then you don't really need it, do you?

I don't think any of the formats will be obsolete in as short a time as 12 months. DVD-Ram probably has the biggest question mark hanging over it. A lot depends on how many stand alone DVD players come out in the next few months supporting it.

Even if you go that route you'll still have the disks you buy now and they should last for 100,000 writes!



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My advice is to buy now and enjoy now for tomorrow you might not be here. I say this having just lost a relative who had not been ill and was not really old. As for worrying about formts that is a complete waste of time and mental energy. All the makers can't even agree on the forth coming "possibly" blu ray format specs with some makers going off at a tangent with the design and format options.

Can't speak for the Philips as I have rejected that format for my purposes. The Panny RAM machines are quite quite brilliant.

The main point is if you wait for format stabilization or winners you will wait a life time cause I believe it just aint gonna happen any time soon and possibly never. DVD-R and DVD+R will be playable in future players for a long time to come. RAM in the long run could out live the +RW and -RW as the Panny format is backed by key video recorder makers and there will be multi format computer drives that will handle all three options. -RW,-R and RAM all in one package.

The bottom line is both the + or - formats will hold a healthy chunk of the market. I say again if you can afford......Enjoy today..and don't wait.... Good luck. Malcom.

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