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Having read through several reviews and many posts on this site I'm more knowledgable than I was .... but ..... still can't quite nail this down.

What I want from a DVD Recorder (in order of priority)
DV input(aka firewire aka i-link)
RGB input
RGB output
use DVD-R media
ability to play discs on other DVD players (that can read DVD-R media)
ability to add my own chapters

What I don't care about (maybe some of you can tell me why I should be caring about these features) :
internal TV tuner - don't see the point in recording off air when I can use my Sky box with RGB output
DVD rewrite - with prices of DVD-R media plus the fact that on my CD-writers I've never actually rewritten a CD-R I guess I'm not a rewrite kinda guy
record one programme while watching another
whether it's the latest/greatest model - so long as it works!

Advice, comment etc welcome (and if you've got something to sell that matches my criteria then mail me ! [email protected])

Feel free to recommend specific models to check out or to avoid.




The only DVD Recorder currently available that matches your requirements is the Panasonic DMR HS 2. Unfortunately it also has on board a hard disc recorder. it is a very fine unit but is more expensive than a standard DVD Recorder. I believe that the cheapest price quoted by Pricerunner is £799

richard plumb

Distinguished Member
the hard drive adds TiVo style functionality, which can be *really* useful. It doesn't have the season pass stuff, so you'll program it like a VCR, but it still means you can use it for all your timeshifting stuff and never use your VCR/hunt around for a blank tape ever again.

Plus you get the breathing space of recording to Hard disk first, so you can choose to record more stuff, then if you want to archive anything, you can dump it down to Disc. And as you are thinking DVD-R only, it could save you a bit of money.

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