Dvd-ram To Dvdr Solution Without Re-encoding !!

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    For those of you using a Panasonic E20 or the likes.

    If, like me, you are happy using the editing features on the E20
    to Cut and edit your TV/SAT/VIDEO & CAM recordings...
    And you just want to convert your DVD-RAM master-piece onto
    DVDR ? ..... Then Read on !

    You will need.....

    A computer Based DVD-Rom drive capable of reading a RAM Disc.
    (Such as the New TOSHIBA 1612) www.dabs.com - £52.00p....
    or www.pcworld.co.uk - £59.99p

    A computer based DVDR Recording drive... A03 / A04 / LDF311 etc. etc.

    TMPGenc mpeg encoder (NO Re-Encoding Is Required!)

    Spruceup + Nero 5582.

    Copy the '.VOR' file across from the RAM-DISC to your computer.
    Rename the file extension from '.VOR' to '.mpg'
    (To show file extensions : tools / folder options / view
    then uncheck hide extensions)
    Start TMPGenc... go into 'Mpeg Tools' - File / MPEG Tools
    and select 'SIMPLE DE-MULTIPLEX'...
    INPUT: The '.VOR' file you copied from your RAM-DISC (Extension now Renamed to '.mpg')
    Video Output & Audio Output will be 'FILENAME.m2v & .ac3'
    If you wish to change the 'FILENAME' make sure they are the same!
    Click 'RUN'..... To Start De-Mulitiplexing....
    (Takes around 10-12 minutes for a FULL 4.7 GIG Ram Disc / depending on your HDD speed)
    Start 'SPRUCEUP' and add the media in the usual way...
    which in this case will be the '.m2v' file you just created...
    SPRUCEUP will load in the '.ac3' Audio file automatically...
    You can now create your Buttons / Chapter pionts etc. etc.
    Create the 'VIDEO_TS' folders and burn away.....

    Saves alot of time.......

    Paul ( UK )

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    I put a post up in the last hour or so showing how I managed to transfer a DVD-RAM disc to DVDR without re-encoding (See Above)..... and then I got to thinking..... perhaps this could be done with a '.VOB' file.... And YES, it can !!!!!

    I ripped the DVD (Forrest Gump 136 mins) using SMART-RIPPER... and selected 'STREAM PROCESSING'.....I then deselected all the rubish just leaving the Video Stream and the English Audio.....I selected within SM's settings to rip to max vob size (To get a single '.VOB' file - XP only I think? - bypasses the 4 gig limit) and set the file size to 6GIG.

    I then renamed the single ripped '.VOB' file extension to'.mpg' and went into TMPGenc's 'MPEG TOOLS' ..... selected 'SIMPLE DE-MULTIPLEX'.. loaded in the renamed vob file (Now vts_01_1.mpg) and split the file into an '.m2v' &'.ac3' video and audio......

    I then re-encoded the Audio Only..... to 48KHZ 192K Stereo.... and saving the file out with the '.mpa' extension... leaving the original file-name intact..... It only took around 20 minutes to re-encode the audio.
    I then deleted the '.ac3' audio file !

    Started up SPRUCEUP and loaded in the newly created '.m2v' I had just DE-MULTIPLEXED..... Spruce then automatically grabs the '.mpa' file (Audio) with the same file name......

    Created a menu and chapter points and burnt it to DVDR....... 4.3 GIG

    Works fine.

    Paul ( UK )
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    Cheers for posting this - I'm building up a large collection of RAM disks given their superior editing abilities over DVD-R. However RAM isn't that cheap so archiving to DVD-R would be a real bonus (if I can ever manage to find a reliable supplier of cheap DVD-Rs that work!). I was going to buy the Toshiba DVD-RAM/HD combo coming in 2003 for this (although I still might as the 80GB HD sounds nice) but I'll think I'll give you solution a spin.

    Just one question - as far as I know PC DVD-RAM drives can also write DVD-Rs so would the purchase of a single PC DVD-RAM drive be sufficient for this process rather than the twin drives you suggest?


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