dvd ram to dvd-r ?! Converting !! HELP ME !!!!!!



Having an absolute nightmare !! I have recorded my best friends honeymoon video onto a panasonic dvdram. I have promised them I will get it to them for christmas and their dvd player only plays dvd-r !! My laptop will not read dvdram !! Someone please help me !! Cheers and my everlasting gratitude to anyone who can help me !! Clare PS I have never used a forum before so I am also a bit confused !!


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i remember my friend telling me you can load the disc and then change the .vro to .mpeg.then most converters should be able to do what ever you want to it.although ive never tryed it myself.goodluck..


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Has your DVD Recorder got a HDD?

Easiest method would be to Dub the DVD-RAM video onto the HDD and then transfer the recording from the HDD onto a DVD-R.

If you have no PC DVD Drive that can read DVD-RAM discs you are a bit stuck.

Hopes that of some use.


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Yes it's as t1m103 says load the Vro file from the disc on to your computer then rename it .mpeg. edit as required with Nero etc, to convert to DVD. I know this is no good if your dvd drive can't read RAM disc's, but there's no other way around it. Can you not connect the camcorder to your laptop and transfer it that way ?


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As Hal_loe suggests - the easiest way is to dub to the hard drive in the dvd recorder and then transfer to DVD-R.

I could also do this in real time by PLAYING this dvd-ram disc in one of my Panasonic DVD PLAYERS which read DVD-RAM discs.

DVD players manufactured by JVC and NAD will also read DVD-RAM discs.


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Well, assuming your laptop has some form of video INPUT (analogue or firewire) you can input the video that way (analogue in real time only I'm afraid) and then use your laptop drive to burn a disc with the appropriate software.

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