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Hi All,

I think I am being a bit thick here but heres the question...

I have a panasonic DMRES10 and have recorded onto DRD-RAM, I bought a Panasonic DVD drive which is supposed to read DVD-RAM format but no luck, Do I need to have special software as well as the drive or are the drivers just enough. I have sent back the drive (assuming it was faulty) so If anyone has a suggestion for a drive to put in my PC that will work or software needed replies would be very welcome




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If you are using Windows XP then you don't need anything to read the DVD RAM. You do need a driver of some kind with Windows 98/ME.

I use a Pioneer 109 or my LG 4040 to read them. I can also recommend the LG 4163 for DVD RAM.


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I had a similar problem, using a Panny E85 and a Pioneer 106 drive. The solution was to set the RAM disk to "locked" on the E85, and then the PC (Windows XP) could read it OK without any special software. (The disk can be unlocked again again afterwards.) Perhaps this will work for you too.


Have a look at the LG multiformat drives. ca 35 quid, they read all formats. I use mine all the time for DVD RAM disks


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I wouldn't use the LG drives as I have had problems with them if you using Panasonic's own disc's and also CPRM disc's.

You only need the Ram driver and unless you are editing the disc's you don't need anything else as things like Nero etc can import the disc.

PowerDVD will play the disc's.


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