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Hi everybody , does anybody know of a dvd player that will play dvd-ram discs in or out of its caddy and what is its price. Has to be bought in the UK. Thank you

David Hwang

Try Panasonic or Toshiba dvd players. You'll have better chance
to find one.


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First off, got this in Singapore the other day; don't know of its availability in the UK.
However, the Panasonic DVD-LV50 is a pocket multi-region DVD player, with 7 inch 16:9 format lcd screen that plays RAM discs as well as normal DVDs.
The RAM discs must be out of their caddy, but will play perfectly.

For those people (like me) that own a DMR E20 (or E30), this means you can record something on to RAM; quickly edit out the adverts and any other stuff, then slip the RAM into the little player and record straight to DVD-R. And there is absolutley NO freezing when the player passes through an edit point.

There were a number of RAM players on sale in Singapore, and as -r, -rw and RAM are the adopted formats of the DVD forum, there should be plenty more coming onto the market.
I'm well happy with the set up!

There is a larger, pricier portable RAM / DVD player already available in Panasonic shops in the UK, but that goes for some £800...


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niccam. as far as I am aware there is only one Panasonic DVD RAM compatible player in the UK at the moment. Unfortunately it's more than a player it also has it's own built in screen and thus sells for about £1000. Maybe less now as it has been avilable for some months now.

I believe DVD RAM compatible players are planned from Panasonic and others but when they will hit the UK market is anyones guess. I would think some time next year at the earliest.

The US of course has had them for some time.


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Panasonic DVD- RA82 plays DVD-RAM and DVD-R, has DVD-Audio, is due September 2002 @ £249 RRP.


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And I see the DVDRA82EBS also plays DVD-RW, making it one of the first true DVD Multi players to hit the UK. Not a bad bit of kit for £214...!

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